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KH Electrical & Engineering specialises in the in the import, installation, and maintenance of industrial fans for commercial properties.
We pride ourselves on being professional and reliable electricians, dedicated to serving your needs with speed, effectiveness, and reliability.

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    Keep your facility at a comfortable temperature with our modern and cutting edge industrial fan selection, built for heavy-duty heating, venting and cooling.

    Wall Mount Fan

    Ducting works

    It is compulsory for all commercial kitchens to install exhaust hoods and ductwork, to ensure the well-being of the staff and the general public. This system is responsible for collecting and filtering all of the heat, fumes, smoke, and other airborne contaminants that are unnecessary inside the kitchen.
    It is also necessary to compensate and replace the expelled air with fresh air. Without it, the entire building may suffer from issues such as poor air quality, the back-venting of combustible gases, drafty or stuffy spaces, and decreased energy efficiency.

    Ceiling works

    Cover up the complex mess of pipes, air conditioning ducts, air exhaust ducts, sprinkler and fire detection systems and electrical wiring. Our skilled ceiling work guarantees that your space will appear clean and polished, making it an inviting and conducive environment to conduct business.

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